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Community Overview
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Work in Progress
The People of Nigeria thank
Salon NIVO10 Inc (Montreal, QC)
Walter Mondey (Calgar;y, AB)

For helping them repair their handpump in
Girgidna Community
Latitude: 9.33383 Longitude: 6.58951
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A message from the community

On behalf of the people of Girgidna, I thank Lifewater for your support towards our community. We are impressed with your kind gesture rendered to us. We have been suffering with water scarcity for so long. Nobody cared to listen to our complaints. But today, with the help and support of Lifewater, our damaged well pump was repaired without any payment. For all the support and love shown to us, we are saying thank you. We pray that almighty Allah will continue to bless your organization. 

  -- Nasiru Sanda. Community Leader 


Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Natallah Ibrahim lives in Girgidna, where the breakdown of the pump on the community's only well created immense hardship for children and adults.

"The community river is unfit for drinking since it is filthy and contaminated," Natallah says. "We were forced to look for water from other villages since we lacked the funds to fix the pump. We are so appreciative of your organization that has come to repair our pump. We are overjoyed that water scarcity has ended. God bless you all." 



Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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