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Appendix U

Lifewater Packing List line

"Get ready what you need, pack what you can and count on your luggage getting lost" (Trip Veteran)

Critical Trip Items
  • Back-up plan: in case flight delays or other travel issues result in a volunteer ariving in country alone with no one there to pick them up. Everyone should have local contact's phone numbers and there should be a designated hotel near the airport. Stranded volunteers should to to the hotel and stay there until they are found!
  • Official Letter of Invitation: From your in-country host or the Agency you are representing. It should list the items you are carrying and specify what they will be used for. This letter will help a lot in certain airports where custom officers may ask you to pay duty on the items.
  • Passport: Make sure it wouldn't expire during your trip! There may be trouble getting visa's if it expires within 6 months of you planned travel dates.
  • International Immunization Card
  • Copy of your travel ittineary with flight information. Make sure you know where you have to claim luggage to pass through customs duirng transit (for example, often Canadian volunteers traveling to Africa via the USA have to claim luggage when arriving at USA airport connections.
  • Credit card (don't take the one you use regularly at home so it is easy to cancel if it is stolen or scamed)
  • All the $USD you need to get by if credit cards don't work.


  • Malaria Prevention Pills
  • Antibiotics to treat Bacterial Diarrhea
  • Water treatment pills or device. It ould be as simple as a small collapsable camping water jug to treat water with chlorine drops overnight!
  • Dukoral to prevent running stomach
  • Optional: Sleeping pills (note: high re-sale value to team members who didn't bring any when it is 100 degrees at night, they have not slept in days and their ear lobes are sweating!)
  • Small personal first aid kit for when you are out travelling and get a small cut etc.
  • Tension Bandage (Ace Wrap) to prevent a spained ankle from killing trip travel
  • Triple Anti-biotic Ointment or Hydrocortisone (for cuts and rashes)
  • Gatorade Powder (enough to mix 2 liters/person/day) and 2 wide mouth water bottles (easy to reach in and clean)
  • Handi-wipes (3 wet wipes/person/day to clean hands without water prior to eating
  • Sun Tan Lotion
  • Mosquito Repellent ("deet" such as "Deep Woods Off" - Pump action since you can not carry aerosol cans in your luggage).
  • Soap & shampoo
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste, brushes & combs etc
  • Personal toiletries
  • Small roll Toilet paper to take with you on day trips
  • Aspirin or Tylenol
  • Cold remedy/antihistamines (Neo Citrin)
  • 4 extra passport photos (for in-country visa paperwork etc)
  • 20 x $1 US bills (for tipping)
  • Small roll of Duct Tape (repair luggage, plug bathtub etc)
  • Small roll thin wire (fix window screens, repair suitcase etc)
  • 2-4 pairs Work Gloves
  • Day pack (avoid putting belongings down in high risk areas)
  • Cheap waterproof watch (leave expensive looking ones home)
  • Travel clock - don't miss that flight, bus or train!
  • Camera and extra SIM card.
  • Two large capacity flash drives
  • Window screen (folds flat in bottom of suitcase and, with a little duct tape, can make an open window bug-proof leading to hours of pleasurable relaxation)
  • Writing paper & pencils
  • Laundry soap so you can wash some clothes in hotel sink or tub
  • Flashlight with extra batteries (alkaline last longer)
  • Small collapsible umbrella
  • Small Multi-purpose screw driver (bits in handle)
  • Hat
  • Sun Glasses
  • Work boots
  • Sandals
  • House/plane slippers
  • Underwear, socks
  • Sweater (it can be surprisingly cold at altitude or at night during the rainy season)
  • Rain coat
  • Men: Cotton shirts, 1 pr shorts (big pockets), 1 pr work pants (long legs), tie, 1 pr dress pants, dress shirt
  • Women: Nice dress (with sleeves), cotton blouses & skirts
  • Option: purchase native dress (women) or dress shirt (men) in-country. You probably want to buy one to bring back anyhow, they are cool and are cheap.
  • Eye blind (for sleeping on plane or in Arctic night-time sun)
  • Ear plugs (when billeted near a disco)
  • Ear plugs (when billeted near a disco)
Gift Ideas
  • Shirts (t-shirts and short-sleeve cotton button working shirts)
  • Calculators
  • Rubber boots/work boots (give yours away at end of trip)
  • Sun glasses
  • Digital Watches
  • Hats
  • Medical supplies (re-hydration salts, antibiotics etc)
  • Sudoko books
Preventative (Before You Go)
  • Immunization Shots (some start 3 months prior to departure!)
  • First Aid Training
  • Dentist check-up
  • Blood Type team members (direct donate in medical emergency)
  • Physical exam
  • Leave important numbers at home (include traveler check numbers, photocopy of passport, embassy & team members home phone, fax & email numbers)
  • Write key numbers on in-side of your belt (bandits rarely want your shorts!)
  • •Email important numbers to yourself so you can access via email if necessary.
  • If required, wire large amounts cash to contact person in-country (rather than carry it in)

Important Items to Take When Starting New Projects:
  • Printed copies of the Lifewater Well and Pump Manual
  • Poster size copies of some of the figures from the manual
  • A container of Drilling Polymer (see Section 5)
  • Screen to sieve gravel for the filter pack (Section 8)
  • Tools (2 aluminum pipe wrenches, 1 plumbers pliers, 1 multi-head screw driver and assorted 3.81 cm (1.5 in) screws, hack saw with spare blades, grease gun, spare swivel seals for the LS-100)


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