Appendix O

LS-100 Part List line


The mast is self contained, detachable from the base and contains a traveling shuttle which raises and lowers the attached rotary mount.

The Mast

LS100 Mast

Shuttle & Winch

The shuttle is driven by chain attached to a two speed hand winch that provides both hoisting and pull down capabilities. The winch includes a handbrake which is used when the winch ratchet lock is released to lower the rotary.


LS100 Winch

Rotary Mount

The rotary mount accommodates an engine-driven post hole digger. The throttle is modified to control engine speed.

Rotary Mount

LS100 Rotary Mount

Rotary Mount - Hinge

The rotary mount is hinged to the shuttle so that the rotary can be swung away to either side to enable well casing to be installed without removing the rig from over the hole. Quick removal of the rotary also allows for hand portability.


LS100 Install

The Swivel & Quill

The swivel and quill connect the drill pipe to the rotary power unit, allowing drilling fluid to pass through the swivel, into the quill and down the drill pipe to the bit. The side-entry swivel assembly was simplified by replacing bearings with low cost seals that are readily accessible for greasing. The swivel housing is secured by an adjustable support rod and clamp so seals ride at the proper surface of the quill.


LS100 Swivel

The Quill

A partially hollow and perforated quill couples the output drive to the rotary drill pipe. The quill is equipped with a hex nut the same size as the compression caps allowing the use of a special spanner wrench to unthread the quill from the drill pipe.


LS100 Quill

3-Way Valve

The 3 way valve, conveniently located on the mast, provides quick access for directing drilling fluid to the borehole or back to the mud pit. This is very useful when connecting new lengths of drill pipe or when loss of circulation occurs.

3-Way Valve

LS100 3-way Valve


The table base is equipped with a slip which provides an easy way to quickly and conveniently support drill pipe while it is being threaded and unthreaded from the rotary. Slips can also be provided to support well casing in the hole while additional lengths are being glued-on.


LS100 Slips

Drill Pipe

The machine will accommodate a lightweight drill pipe for air or mud rotary drilling, auger, or with the use of air hammer percussion tools with a break-out system.

Inventory showing Drill Pipe

LS100 Inventory

Prior to leaving for a drill site, it is important to carefully examine the checklist to ensure that you have all the items necessary to finish the job. When drilling hours from your home base, you may not be able to return home to pick-up a missing coupling, an extra drill bit or a replacement swivel seal!

Parts List

Index #Qty.Part or Sub-Assembly Name
11Mast Assembly
21Hose Assembly, Pump to Flow Control Valve
31Hose Assembly, Flow Control Valve to Entry Swivel
415-HP Rotary Engine
51Rotary Transmission (25:1 ratio, with centrifugal clutch)
61Support Bracket, Power Head
71Side Entry Swivel & Support Bracket Assembly
81Slide, Break-out Slips
92Stabilizer tubes
102Set Screw (Stabilizer Tube Locks)
111Base Assembly
123Bolt - 1/2-inch Coarse Thread: Lock-washer
131Shuttle Assembly (Support item #6)
142Hinge Pin (attaches item 6 to item 13)
151Roller Chain #40
1613 way Mud (Air) Flow Control Valve
171Winch Assembly
181Chain Tensioner Assembly
193Tie down ropes
202"C" Spanner Pipe Wrench
211Hex Spanner Wrench, Break-out
221Drag Bit, 5-7/8 inch
233Drag Bit, 3-7/8 inch
241Hole opener/Reamer, 5-7/8 inch
25Drill Pipe, 1-1/4 inc Pipe, 5 feet long
Optional Extras
261Spare Clutch, Centrifugal
272Spare Seal, Pump Shaft
282Spare Seal, Water Entry Swivel
291Tool Kit
301Suction Hose with Intake Screen & Foot Valve
311Hat, Safety
321Mud Pump (Monarch Model BSGF-8)


  1. Items (4) and (5) are packaged assembled as a unit.
  2. Items (6), (13), (15), (16), (17) and (18) come mounted on the Mast Assembly (1).
  3. Not Shown: Container with Joint Grease; Bag with Assembly Hardware.


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