Section 1

Steps to Construct a Well line

In order to increase the likelihood of completing a successful and safe drinking water well, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Determine the well location based on community involvement (Appendix R) and technical factors (Section 2);
  2. Drill the borehole (Section 3) to the desired depth (30 m (100 ft) or less where there is lots of water (Section 6);
  3. Install a PVC casing & slotted screen to keep the borehole open and allow clean water to enter the well (Section 7);
  4. Float-in a filter pack to keep dirt out of the well (Section 8);
  5. Grout the annular space to keep contaminated surface water out of the well (Section 9);
  6. Develop the well to remove turbidity from the water (Section 10);
  7. Construct a concrete pad around the well (keep contaminated surface water away from the well and keep the area around the pump from becoming a mud-hole (Section 12);
  8. Install a pump (Section 14);
  9. Disinfect the well to eliminate bacteria introduced during well construction (Section 15 );
  10. Test water quality to make sure it is safe to drink (Section 16);
  11. Maintain the pump & pad (Section 17). You can even make your own cup leathers! (Appendix L);
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