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Water Well Drilling

Use this tutorial to improve your water well drilling
to provide safe drinking water in Africa. line

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13. Hand Pump. Make or install the above-ground parts of a hand pump.

10. Develop Well. Remove suspended matter which can interfere with well performance.

15. Chlorinate. Disinfect & 16. Test the water.

12. Surface Pad. Pour a concrete pad to keep contaminated water out of the well.

9. Sanitary Seal. Seal the borehole to keep shallow contaminated groundwater from seeping into the well.

3. Bore Hole. Drill to groundwater using an inexpensive portable LS-100 drill rig.

8. Gravel Pack. Filter out fine sand, silt and clay to produce clear water.

2. Aquifer. Find a layer of sand or gravel that will yield water to a well.

7. Well Casing. Install slotted pipe to allow water in and keep sand out of the well.

L. Pump Cylinder. Make or repair a pump cylinder and cup leathers.

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