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Project # Type Finished Date Community Sponsor(s)
K17-L001 Community Washroom 2016-08-05 Boys Latrine Chesoton Prim. School Ray Montgomery
Kevin Comrie
K16-L003 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Teachers at Kariaini Primary School Cecile Nganwa-Kela
Wendy & Robert Leech
K16-L002 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Girls at Kariaini Primary School Ray Montgomery
Maurice & Jacqueline Black
K16-L001 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Boys at Kariaini Primary School Fellowship of Man
L16-L001 Community Washroom 2015-08-15 L-Linc Compound Washroom Daniel Creber
Jacob Herzog
K14-L001 Community Washroom 2014-03-25 Kikopey Boy and Girl Nursery School Olaf & Rose Gundersen
The Fellowship of Man
N14-L002 Community Washroom 2014-02-14 Kutake Village Market Alexander Juvshik Medicine Professional Corporatio
Olaf & Rose Gundersen
K14-L003 Community Washroom 2014-03-25 Lifewater Samarita Staff Washroom Bill, Alison, Thomas & Mike Webster & Gehrels Clan
Nellie Ottevangers
K14-L002 Community Washroom 2014-01-28 Kikopey Old Folks Washroom Jeremiah and Claudia Eastman
Ray Montgomery
L14-L002 Community Washroom 2013-11-26 Karzah Village Fellowship of man
L14-L001 Community Washroom 2013-10-17 Diamond Creek Frederick Abboud & Wanda Clarke
N14-L001 Community Washroom 2013-09-29 Kyauro Village Insitu Contractors
John & Charlotte Wiens
N13-L001 Community Washroom 2013-04-26 Dogon Fili Community Fifth Dimension LLC
L13-L001 Community Washroom 2012-12-31 Christian Community School Frederick Abboud & Wanda Clarke
N12-L008 Community Washroom 2012-06-09 Sabon Inuwa United Way Drive Ontario Government Employees (OPS)
N12-L007 Community Washroom 2012-06-17 Laffawa Village Patenaude Family
L12-L001 Community Washroom 2012-05-24 Peace Community Nechako Community Church
L12-L002 Community Washroom 2012-05-23 Edward Jackor Community The Good Shepherd Church
(Alexander Juvshik) Alexander Juvshik Medicine Professional Corp.
N12-L005 Community Washroom 2012-02-27 Lomi Village City of Barrie - Water Operations Branch
K12-L001 Community Washroom 2012-01-27 Samaritan Clinic Kikopey NW Ontario Water & Wastewater Association
N12-L004 Community Washroom 2012-02-09 Matare Community #2 The Blossom Foundation
N12-L003 Community Washroom 2012-02-07 Matare community #1 The Blossom Foundation
N12-L001 Community Washroom 2011-11-07 Irikun Village Jordan Tang
Lloyd and Ethel Bailey
N11-L003 Community Washroom 2011-08-16 Ayenayaje Primary School Cathy Wirick
Greg Hobson
N11-L002 Community Washroom 2011-01-13 Kagbu Village The Buchan Family Foundation

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