Well Repair
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Project # Type Finished Date Community Sponsor(s)
H17-P010 Pump Repair Project 2017-04-30 April 2017 Pump Repair SPONSOR NEEDED
L17-P003 Pump Repair Project 2017-04-19 April 2017 Pump Repair SPONSOR NEEDED
H17-P009 Pump Repair Project 2017-03-30 March 2017 Pump Repairs SPONSOR NEEDED
H17-P008 Pump Repair Project 2017-02-24 February 2017 Pump Repairs Charles & Julie Johnson
Jim & Frances Sutton
H17-P007 Pump Repair Project 2017-01-31 January 2017 Pump Repairs John & Linda Perrier
Thunder Bay Area Donors
H17-P006 Pump Repair Project 2016-12-31 December 2016 Pump Repairs Hank & Hendrika Tempelman
Ap & Sjaan Eikelboom
L17-P002 Pump Repair Project 2016-11-30 November 2016 Pump Repair Fellowship of Man
L17-P001 Pump Repair Project 2016-10-10 October 2016 Pump Repair Ted & Jean Armstrong
Community Church of Richmond Hill
H17-P005 Pump Repair Project 2016-11-30 November 2016 Pump Repairs Fellowship of Man
H17-P004 Pump Repair Project 2016-10-31 October 2016 Pump Repairs David & Lorraine Wikkerink
Barry & Shirley Schmidt
H17-P003 Pump Repair Project 2016-09-20 September 2016 Repairs John & Anne TeBrinke
Eileen Smith
H17-P002 Pump Repair Project 2016-08-31 August 2016 Pump Repair Derick Brenninkmeyer Charitable Foundation
Sisters of St.Joseph
K16-P002 Pump Repair Project 2016-06-28 Turi Sulgwita Secondary School Blossom Foundation
H17-P001 Pump Repair Project 2016-07-31 July 2016 Pump Repair Healthy Families Wellness Centre
Larry & Nicolette Levchak
H16-P011 Pump Repair Project 2016-06-30 June 2016 Pump Repair Victor & Laura Klassen
K16-P001 Pump Repair Project 2016-02-02 PCEA St. Mary's Genius Secondary Sc The Blossom Foundation
H16-P009 Pump Repair Project 2016-04-29 April 2016 Pump Repairs Claudia & Jeremiah Eastman
Joe's Auto
H16-P008 Pump Repair Project 2016-03-30 February & March 2016 Pump Repair St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
John & Bethany Hiebert
H16-P007 Pump Repair Project 2016-01-30 January 2016 Pump Repairs Maxime Gendron
L16-P005 Pump Repair Project 2015-12-23 December 2015 Pump Repairs Blossom Foundation
H16-P006 Pump Repair Project 2015-11-30 November 2015 Pump Repair Connor Family
Rajwinder Singh
H16-P005 Pump Repair Project 2015-10-29 October 2015 Pump Repairs Shari and John Van Groningen
Bannerman Kincardine, ON
L16-P004 Pump Repair Project 2015-11-26 November 2015 Pump Repair Fellowship of Man
H16-P004 Pump Repair Project 2015-09-30 September 2015 Pump Repairs Gloria & Roy Weiss
L16-P003 Pump Repair Project 2015-09-30 October 2015 Pump Repair Water of Life Project

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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