Liberian girl
Children in Liberia
The drill team in Liberia thank
John & Anne TeBrinke (Chillewack, BC)
Rebecca,John & Ann Rupke's (Barrie, ON)

For building their capacity with LS350 Drill Rig Shock Absorbers


Dear Sir:

Thank you for providing us with a shock absorber for our LS350 drill rig. This is a very important piece of equipment that we have not had for our drilling before.

The 350 Drill rig that we have here in Liberia, was designed and built to be much heavier than our other small rigs. But it is also apparently only 1/3 the weight of the bigger rigs that are common over in Canada and the USA. This was so that the rig would not sink into the bad muddy roads that are so common here in Liberia.

Because things were built light weight, we were often experiencing breakage and parts spoiling causing us to have to stop drilling. One of the main problem areas was high up in the drilling mast where the drill pipe met the connector that allowed air and water to flow down the pipe and connected the pipe to the motor which made it turn. The bolts holding the motor were constantly cracking and the big bearings which made everything turn smoothly, were wearing out very often.

This new absorber that you sent us is so amazing because it allows us to drill as before but we no longer feel the heavy vibration of the hammer driving the bit into the rock. The force of these hits is eaten up by the absorber and the shock no longer goes up the drill pipe causing damage to the bearings and fittings and motor at the top of the rig.

Thank you for making our machine stronger and able to work much longer between repair.

Project Summary

The shock absorber sits on top between the air hammer and the drill pile in the borehole.

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