Catchment and storage systems capitalize on Africa’s rainy seasons

Water that’s deep underground – where we can tap into it by drilling wells – starts in the sky, raining down on everyone. So another way in which Lifewater Canada donors can help struggling communities gain access to safe water is by providing systems that capture or harvest rainwater and store it.

The systems – including eavestroughs, downspouts, and storage tanks – harvest the water during rainy seasons so large quantities of it are available to thirsty people during the inevitable dry seasons.

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“Our (10,000-litre) water tank is now three-quarters full of rainwater and in good use,” reports Joseph Mutitu of ACK Holy Trinity Church in Kenya. In a letter to Lifewater, Joseph reminded us that the harvesting and storage system was installed only three months after he wrote to request it for his community called Subukia. We can thank our generous donors for such a rapid response!

Leaders of another Kenyan church also wrote to thank us for enabling their community – Nakuru – to begin storing rainwater.

“This tank will go a long way to assist in harvesting rainwater and storage,” said Nakuru’s African Gospel Church. “It will cut the costs of our community’s water bill by over 80 per cent.”

Usually, villagers must walk to the storage tank – just as they would walk to a well – to obtain their water. But in some communities where storage tanks have been installed, villagers have also installed underground lines and taps so the water is even more readily accessible.

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“We are glad to inform you that the current project was able to connect 11 households out of the 19 registered households” to the rainwater distribution system, leaders of the Kelelwet Community in Kenya told us. “These 11 households are now able to access a clean and reliable water supply.”

The community intends to expand the underground pipeline project so all 19 targeted households in Kelewet are connected. Meanwhile, they want us to tell Lifewater supporters: “Thank you for providing hope to many families that were cut off from the main water supply system. God bless you.”

We look forward to installing many more rainwater catchment and storage systems, with the help of donors like you!

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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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