How do we drill a well?
There are several very important steps in drilling a well that will continue to provide safe accessible water for many years.
How do we build toilets?
There are also several important steps in building toilets and hand-washing stations to help ensure a community's well water remains safe.
Get Involved!
Mobilize your community to sponsor a well or celebrate your anniversary or birthday with gifts of safe water.
Study Lifewater Canada's FREE online well-drilling manual; learn all about handpumps and follow links to many water-related websites and articles.
Overseas Trips
Review our Trip Planning Handbook for Lifewater Volunteers, which includes an application form plus packing lists, and lots of other information.

Lifewater Child

Lifewater Well in honour of Corrine Gehrels Food for Thought...:

A father and son are walking along a beach full of stranded starfish dying in the sun. The boy periodically stops to throw one back in the water. Finally the exasperated father says "There are thousands dying - why bother throwing a few back"? The son replies, "It makes a difference to the ones I help"! The need is overwhelming, but together we make a difference, one well at a time!

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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