Richard and Feden repairing broken Pump
Richard and Feden repairing broken Pump
Drawing water from repaired pump
Drawing water from repaired pump
Water flows freely again
Water flows freely again
Feden working with Well Caretaker
Feden working with Well Caretaker
Pump being repaired
Pump being repaired
The People of Haiti thank
Szymon Korpiela (Toronto, ON)
In Honour of Donation in the name of my supporters: Bogdan & N
Hageman Family Foundation (Burlington, ON)
Jovela Charitable Fund (Toronto, ON)
Karina Mullally (Ottawa, ON)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of April 2024 #1

A message from the community

Dear Sir/Madame

With great pleasure I share the many thanks from all the 31 villages whose pumps have been repaired.  The relief is palpable when our repair team come to each one.  Life is hard now and every bit of help is deeply felt by everyone. 

So on behalf of the thousands of people whose lives have been made easier by your generosity, I say thank you

Hanania Orelus

Program Coordinator

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date   Area             Village          Pump  GPS N     GPS W     El   Parts used
14-Mar Acul-du-Nord Cagnette       Afridev 19.71514 72.33980 3m Gasket, Next time change Cylender
14-Mar Acul-du-Nord Acul-du-Nord Afridev 19.71034 72.33618 3m 3 Rods,3 Sentraliser,1 Flaper,1 Plonger,4                                                                                                           Bearings,2 Bolts
14-Mar Acul-du-Nord Centre Ville   Afridev 19.68078 72.31885 3m Gasket,4 Sentraliser
28-Mar Acul-du-Nord Granjan        Afridev 19.70354 72.33059 3m Gasket,2 Sentraliser,1 Bobbing
28-Mar Champ-Louise Bas du Fout Afridev 19.74648 72.34807 4m 3 Rods,5 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket,1                                                                                                              Bobbing
28-Mar Champ-Louise ECBHT        Mark II 19.75515 72.33988 3m 3 Rods,2 Raccor
01-Apr Cap-Haitien Pomp Blanche  Afridev 19.71056 72.21691 3m 3 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,Gasket
01-Apr Riviere Salee  St.Brise        Afridev 19.64635 72.29163 3m Gasket,2 Sentraliser,1 Bobbing
01-Apr Vaudreuil       Zabitan         Afridev 19.72371 72.25966 3m 6 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,Gasket
01-Apr Cap-Haitien Blue-Hills         Afridev 19.72199 72.21599 3m 1 Raccor,2 Sentraliser,2 Bearings
01-Apr Cap-Haitien Blue-Hills         Afridev 19.72348 72.21533 3m 3 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket,1 Flaper,2                                                                                                          Bolts,1 Bobbing
02-Apr Acul-du-Nord Bariere Blanche Afridev 19.69059 72.32019 3m 6 Rods,6 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket,1                                                                                                                  Bobbing
02-Apr Acul-du-Nord Carfou Derikou Afridev 19.63831 72.2834 3m New Cylnder,1 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod
02-Apr Acul-du-Nord Lasoudre          Afridev 19.66572 72.31745 3m Gasket,1 Sentraliser
02-Apr Acul-du-Nord Bas du Boug     Afridev 19.68108 72.31543 4m Gasket,1 Sentraliser,New Plonger
02-Apr Acul-du-Nord Cert en ville      Afridev 19.69853 72.31717 3m Gasket, 1 Rod, 2 Sentralisers
03-Apr Grande-Riviere Bas du Bouk   Mark II 19.58209 72.17154 3m 4 Raccor,Old Chaine,2 Bolts,1 Plack
03-Apr Millot        Brasca                   Afridev 20 72.19478           2 PVC,2 Rods,6 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,1 Flaper,                                                                                                   1 Foot-Valve,1 Big Axe,Gasket
03-Apr Quatier Morin Mazere             Afridev 19.68585 72.18299 4m 1 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod,2 Sentraliser,2                                                                                                                  Bearings
03-Apr Grande-Riviere Quaibrillant I  Afridev 19.57671 72.16596 4m New Cylender,1 Raccor,2 Rods,3 Sentraliser
03-Apr Grande-Riviere EFACAP          Afridev 19.54842 72.17139 4m 6 Sentraliser,4 Bearings, Gasket,1 Bobbing
03-Apr Grande-Riviere Tabois            Mark II 19.57777 72.17088 2m 4 Raccor,4 Rods,old Chaine,4 Bolts,1 PVC
04-Apr Pistere Montenaire                 Afridev 19.65503 72.08178 2m Gasket,1 Sentraliser
04-Apr Pistere Montenaire                 Afridev 19.65188 72.08283 4m Gasket,4 Bearings,1 Small Axe
04-Apr Pistere Pister II                     Afridev 19.65151 72.08329 4m 1 PVC,1 Rod,1 Sentraliser
04-Apr Pistere Haut Bouk                 Afridev 19.63927 72.08934 3m 4 Raccor,2 Rods,7 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,1                                                                                                             Big Axe,3 Bolts,1 Plonger
05-Apr Acul-du-Nord Dipaty              Afridev 19.67304 72.32011 2m 6 Sentraliser,3 Rods,Plonger,4 Bearings
05-Apr Acul-du-Nord Rodney             Afridev 19.68216 72.31184 3m 4 Bearings,1 Flaper,2 Sentraliser,1 Bobbing
05-Apr Acul-du-Nord Mathonne         Afridev 19.67668 72.30118 4m Gasket,2 Bearings
05-Apr Morne-Rouge Medar II          Afridev 19.70561 72.26478 3m 3 Sentraliser,Gasket,2 Bearings
08-Apr Morne-Rouge Ziki                 Afridev 19.71287 72.26255 3m 3 Rods,4 Sentraliser,Gasket,1 Plonger

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