Children by the newly repaired pump
Children by the newly repaired pump
Fedan repairing broken pump
Fedan repairing broken pump
Pump back in working order again
Pump back in working order again
Pump repair and caretaker training under way
Pump repair and caretaker training under way
Village well back in working order
Village well back in working order
The People of Haiti thank
Kevin and Debbie Heerema (Calgary, AB)
Nicolette Hall (Belleville, ON )
Phyllis Ho (Canada)
Wendy Houlberg (Pickering, ON)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of May 2024 #2

A message from the community

Dear Sir/Madame

Without your support our pump repair team would not be able to meet the pressing need felt in these 23 communities.  Without question the arrival of the repair team is a highlight in each village's day and they are met with great joy and thanksgiving. 

Together they pass along their rich thanks and appreciations for your generous gifts that helped bring them safe water to drink

Thank you

Hanania Orelus

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

23 villages had their pumps repaired

Date  Area               village  Pump type GPS N      GPS W     El   Parts used
26-Apr Champ-Louise Bas-Bazin Afridev 19.72253 72.34244 3m Gasket,3 Sentraliser
26-Apr Acul-du-Nord Dolce Afridev 19.70774 72.33444 2m Gasket,2 sentraliser
26-Apr Acul-du-Nord Dolce Afridev 19.7074 72.33625 3m Gasket,2 Bearings,4 Sentraliser
07-May Plaine-du Nord Riviere sable Afridev 19.61931 72.27148 3m New Plonger,2 Bearings,1 Bobbin,1 Sentraliser
07-May Plaine-du Nord Gilleron Afridev 19.61299 72.27022 4m Gasket,4 Bearings,5 Sentraliser1 Flaper,1 Lock
07-May Bois-Rouge Ecole Shalom Afridev 19.63737 72.27261 2m Gasket,1 Bobbin,2 Sentraliser
08-May Vaudreuil Nan Petet Afridev 19.71857 72.25703 2m 1 Raccor,2 PVC,1 Rod,1 Bobbin
08-May Vaudreuil Rigo Afridev 19.71995 72.25767 3m 5 PVC,1 Raccor,5 Rods,4 Bearings,1 Flaper
08-May Morne-Rouge Lindor Afridev 19.71329 72.25929 4m 6 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,1 Small Axe,Gasket,1 Rod
09-May Morne-Rouge Morne-Rouge Afridev 19.71297 72.26079 4m 4 Sentraliser,2 Rods,2 Bearings,Gasket
09-May Morne-Rouge Bois-Caiman Afridev 19.72325 72.27557 2m 7 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,1 Flaper,Gasket
10-May Plaine-du Nord Cadeau Afridev 19.66682 72.27345 2m Gasket,2 Sentraliser,1 Lock
14-May Balan Breus Afridev 19.71677 72.28266 4m 5 Sentraliser,Gasket,2 Bearings
14-May Morne-Rouge Afridev 19.70574 72.27801 3m Gasket,4 Bearings,3 Sentraliser
14-May Vaudreuil Lindor 4VEH Afridev 19.71451 72.25752 3m 6 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket,1 Bobbin
14-May Vaudreuil ECANV Afridev 19.71305 72.24431 4m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Lock
14-May Morne-Rouge ASEBED Afridev 19.70975 72.26402 4m 1 Small Axe,4 Bearings,Gasket, 2 Sentraliser
15-May Camp Louise Haut Dehenne Afridev 19.74404 72.35262 5m 3 Rods, 6 Sentralisers, 2 Bearings, 3 PVC, 1 Plunger
15-May Camp Louise Haut Dehenne Mark II 19.74406 72.35079 4m 2 PVC, 2 Raccors, 2 Bolts
15-May Plaine du Nord Duty Afridev 19.64266 72.29232 4m Gasket, 4 Bearings, 1 Flapper, 1 Lock, 2 Bobbin, 1 foot valve
16-May Balan Barriere Batan Afridev 19.70519 72 2m 2 Rods, 1 PVC
16-May Morne-Rouge Buclaire Afridev 19.73074 72.29272 4m Cylinder, 2 connectors
16-May Balan Mon Voisin Afridev 19.73649 72.30194 7m 2 Flapper, 3 Connectors 3 Sentralisers

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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