Refurbished Power Unit
Refurbished Power Unit
Replacing Chain
Replacing Chain
Replacing Thotte cable
Replacing Thotte cable
Children who needed this rig fixed
Children who needed this rig fixed
The drill team in Kenya thank
Peter James (Kamloops, BC)
Aida Abboud (Ottawa, ON)

For building their capacity with Rebuild the LS100 Drill Rig Power H


Dear Sir/Madame: It with great pleasure that we offer our thanks for the work that has been completed to refurbish our old power unit for the LS-100 Drill rig and purchase a new motor with a new clutch. Our old unit has been working since mid 1980's and it is nearly worn out, but now there is life in it for a few more wells and when it is done, we can easily switch over to the new unit. We are very happy about this and give the Lord praise for we have been casting this dire need unto Him for several years now. With the chain replaced and the new winch coming this old rig will be just like new again. Thanks so much for breathing life into it with your donations, we are very happy now. Lifewater Kenya Drill Team

Project Summary

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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