New Completed Washroom
New Completed Washroom
Newly Poured Concert Latrine Base
Newly Poured Concert Latrine Base
Extended Frame for Walls
Extended Frame for Walls
Framing up Walls
Framing up Walls
Large Group Assembled for Hygiene Workshop
Large Group Assembled for Hygiene Workshop
The People of Chesoton Primary School, Kenya, thank
Ray Montgomery (Thunder Bay, ON)
Kevin Comrie (St. Paul, MB)

For helping them build a community washroom
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Greetings in Jesus name.

We are very grateful for the new facilities. The girls had a good toilet but the boys have a very high need! We were able to partner with the parents who had the initiative to start the boys toilet but which has remained undone for a long time.

We took over to assist this school on the boys pit latrine, we found the foundation was done poorly so we were able to start by improving the floor slab. The pit latrine has 6 doors and urinal on both ends and has improved the conditions of sanitation of the school in a very positive fashion.

On behalf of the students and teachers, I offer to our sponsor a huge thank you for facilitating this very important project.

In His Service

Rev David Maina

The Lifewater Kenya

Project Summary

Chesoton Primary School has a population of 400 pupils and 50 children in the nursery school section.  The project was to give the boys a 6 door latrine and urinals.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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