Expensive cylinders
Expensive cylinders
Stacked bases and pump heads
Stacked bases and pump heads
New Container of pumps on far rt side of string of containers
New Container of pumps on far rt side of string of containers
Planting New Handpump
Planting New Handpump
Village child
Village child
The drill team in Haiti thank
Luke Four Foundation (Peterborough, ON)

For building their capacity with 40 foot Container of Handpumps & Parts

A message from the community

Dear Sir, 

We were eagerly waiting the shipment of pumps and pump parts as we our supply was completely finished.  The shipment from India is a blessing for now we can put pumps on the bore holes we have been drilling and rejoice with the villagers when the water can flow freely to their families.

I can't tell you how excited the team was to be given plans and Canadian Carpenters to work beside them to make customized storage in 5 containers to organize and secure the pumps and parts. The Drill team has a container wtih a months supply for which they are responsible. The Pump Repair Team has a container with a months worth of supplies and only they have the key and they agree to be accountable for all that is in there. I have have three containers with the pump tops, the bases, the rising main pipes & rods, the cylinders and the many pump parts.

Working together with the Lifewater Trainers, we developed an inventory system. Every month, all containers are opened and everything is counted. This could never be done before when it was all in a big pile and now everyone works together to make sure that nothing is stolen.

Equally important, we are now setting aside money every time a pump is used. We can track with the inventory system when it is time or order from India. And we will then have enough money saved up so that we can pay for 100% of the order.

Thanks so much helping us buy and organize all these supplies. And for helping us organize a savings system so that we break the cycle of us depending on generous Canadians to buy pumps for us every time we run out. This is a very good thing and wa are very greatful to God for this and for you!

Thank you so much for providing this blessing.  

Hanania Orelus

Program coordinator

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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