New 4 Wheel drive Drill truck
New 4 Wheel drive Drill truck
Back of drill truck
Back of drill truck
New Truck entering compound
New Truck entering compound
New Rig truck will pull
New Rig truck will pull
Village child
Village child
The drill team in Haiti thank
Harvey & Kathy Pepneck (Vauxhall, AB)
Hopkins, Rob & Beth; and Dalorose Farms (Bow Island, AB)
Paul and Esther Weeks (Medicine Hat, AB)

For building their capacity with Heavy-duty 4-truck to pull Aquabore Rig

A message from the community

Dear Sir/Madame,

COVID-19 has caused all of us much concern, for our safety for our health and great delays in getting supplies into our nation.  After a long wait, as Haiti's borders were closed for months, the port opened in St. Marc and we were finally able to access this marvelous 4 wheel drive army truck. The team says it drives well with great pulling power and they are excited as it will be well able to haul the new rig into villages needing new wells.

With fuel being difficult and unpredictable it is a blessing that it uses diesel, as gasoline runs out more often than diesel. It is a robust and sturdy truck and will serve Lifewater d'Haiti well for years to come.

All the team express their thanks and appreciation for this new vehicle.

With thanks

Hanania Orelus

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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