Angwa Gimba II community members
Angwa Gimba II community members
Bags of cement
Bags of cement
Completed Latrine
Completed Latrine
Work in Progress
Work in Progress
The People of Angwa Gimba II, Nigeria, thank
Benefaction Foundation (Toronto, ON)
Katharine Mclean (Kemptville, ON )

For helping them build a community washroom

A message from the community

The community wishes to express its appreciation for the donation of a community toilet in addition to the new water wells in our village. Your contribution to our community is appreciated and has paved the way for more development in our village.

May God bless you.

Ibrahim Gimba, Community Leader

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Open defecation and urination perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and poverty, and is an affront to personal dignity. The practice has harmed the people, and especially the children, of Angwan Gimba.

With the construction of a second public toilet in the community, thanks to Lifewater Canada donors, there is bound to be a reduction in open defecation and urination. This will benefit the community and enable it to serve as a model to neighbouring communities. The residents are happy that a Christian charity has come to their aid and given them hope and human dignity.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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