Pump back working again,
Pump back working again,
Everyone is watching workers
Everyone is watching workers
Repair Under Way
Repair Under Way
The People of Haiti thank
Steven & Sonja Wikkerink (Bow Island, AB)
Alfred and Doreen Widmer (Medicine Hat, AB)
Phillip & Maxine Gogolinski (Orion, AB )
David and Nolly Coutts (Lethbridge, AB)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of September 2022 #2

A message from the community

Times here in Haiti just keep getting worse. Our work is difficult now as fuel continues to be a serious issue and there is much violence in the streets.  And yet we have been able to complete 22 pump repairs and restore safe water to so many of our people.   To have the water close at home is really important now with so much rioting and unrest. Everyone is very grateful and asked me to extend deep thanks and appreciation to all who helped make this good work possible

  -- Hanania Orelus, Lifewater Program Coordinator

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date    Area                 Village             Pump type     GPS N     GPS W    El    Parts used, changed, notes
21-Sep Grison-Garde    Nan Baptiste    Afridev        19.6219   72.28877 3m 2 Rods,1 Sentraliser,Gasket
21-Sep Acul-du-Nord   Grand Carfou Gaudin  Afridev 19.64767  72.30101 4m Gasket
21-Sep Acul-du-Nord   Laplangne        Afridev          19.66423 72.31225 8m Gasket,3 Sentraliser,2 Bearings
21-Sep Bois-Rouge     Grand-Carfou    Afridev          19.64339 72.27101 2m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Sentraliser
21-Sep Grison-Garde   Gilmason         Afridev          19.61663 72.28249 4m Gasket
21-Sep Grison-Garde   Do-Grison        Afridev          19.61844 72.28902       Gasket,1 Big Axe,2 Bearings,1 Sentraliser
22-Sep Plaine du Nord Habitation Do   Afridev         19.68678 72.26137 3m Gasket,1 Foot-Valve,2 Bearings,2 Sentraliser
22-Sep Morne-Rouge   Bois-Caiman     Afridev         19.72011 72.26848 5m 2PVC,2 Rods,2 Sentraliser,Gasket,2 Bearings
23-Sep Plaine du Nord Naval              Afridev         19.64892 72.24733 3m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Lock
23-Sep Plaine du Nord Chiron           Afridev           19.64169 72.2495   3m 4 Bearings,Gasket,2 Sentraliser,1 Big axe,1                                                                                                                           Flapper
23-Sep Plaine du Nord Eglise EBAC.   Afridev       19.69167 72.2496 2m Gasket,2 Rods,3 Sentraliser
23-Sep Vaudreuil        Ravine Seche   Afridev      19.71938 72.25463 4m Gasket,4 Sentraliser,3 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod
23-Sep Vaudreuil        Pont Bambou   Afridev      19.71777 72.25294 4m Gasket,2 Bearings
23-Sep Vaudreuil        Nan Jissou       Afridev      19.71739 72.25237 5m Gasket,4 Bearings,3 Sentraliser,1 Raccor
23-Sep Morne-Rouge   Nan Racine      Afridev      19.70933 72.29328       Gasket
23-Sep Plaine du Nord Grand-Pre        Afridev      19.68077 72.26993 3m Gasket, 2 Bearings
26-Sep Port-Margot     Port-Margor      MarkII       19.75165 72.43074 4m Old Chain
26-Sep Port-Margot     Eglise Wesleyenne MarkII   19.73627 72.43035 4m PVC,1 Plack,2 Bolts,2 Raccor
26-Sep Port-Margot     Ecole Nationale  Afridev     19.76272 72.421618 4m Gasket,4 Bearings,3 Sentraliser,1 Lock
27-Sep Acul-du-Nord    Duty                MarkII      19.64674 72.28699 2m 2 Raccors, 1 Rod
27-Sep Acul-du-Nord    Duty                Afridev      19.6464 72.28763 2m 2 PVC, 1Raccor, 4 Bearings, Gasket, 4 Ros, 1                                                                                                                     Foot valve, 4 Bolts
27-Sep Acul-du-Nord    Dericourt          Afridev      19.63251 72.20241 3m Gasket , 2 Bearing, 5 Sentralisers
27-Sep Cap-Haitien      Citee Chauvel   Afridev      19.73734 72.21214 4m 4 Berarings, 1 Cylinder, 2 Sentralisers

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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