Caretaker in front of Washroom
Caretaker in front of Washroom
Front View of Washroom
Front View of Washroom
Rear View of Washroom
Rear View of Washroom
The People of Wood Camp Block 'E' Community, Liberia, thank
The Blossom Foundation (Toronto, ON)

For helping them build a community washroom

A message from the community

Dear Sirs: Please accept my compliments! The people of Wood Camp Block 'E' will always remember and continue to pray for the organization of Lifewater for successfully completing the building and construction of the latrine in our community. Thank you so very much and may God continue to bless and strengthen you as you carry out your assistance to the people of Liberia. God Bless! Best Regards Mr Cliff Martell

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

A clustered Health & Hygiene workshop was held for the Wood Camp Communities where 33 representataives attended. The total population of Wood Camp Block 'E' is approximately 1500 people. This village is about 5 minute drive from the Red Light corner. The particulars of this washroom construction are: Hole length (ft): 8 Hole Depth (ft): 10 Hole wideth (ft): 4 Building Sturcture made of: Concrete block - 4'' Sides lined with : concrete block - 6'' A family was trained in how to care for this Washroom at the time of construction.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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