The People of Haiti thank
James Cizmar (North York, ON)
Ute & Lynn Thacker (Bow Island, AB)
Asher Hebert (Edmonton, AB)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of February 2023 #2

A message from the community

Dear Donors:

On behalf of all 25 villages that now have their wells back in working order, I am writing this note of gratitude to you. Your support is greatly appreciated and everyone is very happy when they see our pump repair team pull up to their community.  Life is hard here, and when a village's pump goes down and the well no longer produces any water, we struggle even more. 

We thank God for Lifewater Canada.

Hanania Orelus, Lifewater Haiti Program Coordinator


Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date District  Community    Pump Type GPS N   GPS W     El.  Parts Needed

07-Feb Acul du Nord Pillatre      Afridev      19.70354 72.33396 3m  7 Rods,7 Sentraliser,2 Bearings
07-Feb Acul du Nord Granjan     Afridev     19.70351 72.33061 3m  Gasket,3 Sentraliser
09-Feb Champ-Louise CECISCA  Mark II     19.74907 72.34749 4m   2 Raccor,2 Bearings
09-Feb Seminaire Citee Daveus  Afridev     19.69738 72.35351 4m   Gasket
09-Feb Acul du Nord Endedans Pillatre Afridev 19.70771 72.33446    3m 3 Rods,4 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,Gasket
10-Feb Acul du Nord Pillatre       Afridev     19.70265 72.32552 4m   Gasket,4 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,1 Lock
10-Feb Champ-Louise Bas-Dehene Afridev 19.74001 72.34709 3m   Gasket,2 Sentraliser
10-Feb Plaine-du Nord Paco        Afridev    19.69067 72.27052 4m   4 Bearings,Gasket,1 Cyrle,1 Lock
10-Feb Plaine-du Nord Carfou Lamo Afridev 19.68716 72.26118 3m Gasket,1 Raccor,1 Rod,2 Sentraliser
13-Feb Paulettre Route Neuf      Afridev       19.66936 71.92298 4m Gasket
13-Feb Paulettre Endedans        Mark II       19.66868 71.92293 3m Old Chaine,4 Bolts
13-Feb Paulettre Paulettre         Afridev       19.66422 71.92442 3m Gasket
13-Feb Terrier-Rouge Haut du Bout Afridev  19.63136 71.96019 3m Gasket,4 Bearings,1 Lock,3 Sentraliser,1 Flapper
13-Feb Terrier-Rouge Eglise       Mark II      19.63015 71.96227 2m 2 PVC,1 Rod,4 Raccor
14-Feb Morne-Rouge Doka        Afridev       19.71133 72.26454 2m Gasket,1 Raccor,1 Rod,4 Bearings
14-Feb Morne-Rouge Volmar     Afridev      19.71381 72.26617 4m 7 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket,1 Cyrle,1 Lock,1 Bobing
14-Feb Morne-Rouge Bois-Neuf Afridev      19.72025 72.26553 2m 5 Raccor,Gasket,1 PVC,2 Bearings,6 Sentraliser
14-Feb Plaine-du Nord Plaine du Nord Afridev 19.69444 72.26994 3m Gasket,1 Sentraliser,1 Rod
14-Feb Plaine-du Nord Isabele    Afridev      19.68014 72.26981 3m Gasket
15-Feb Morne-Rouge Eglise Jerusalem Afridev 19.70803 72.27617 3m Gasket,2 Sentraliser,2 Bearings
15-Feb Morne-Rouge Volmar      Afridev 19.71254 72.26592 3m 6 Rods,6 Sentraliser,1 Small axe,4 Bearings,Gasket,1 Lock
15-Feb Vaudreuil Haut Zabitant  Mark II       19.72294 72.25841 4m 4 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod,2 Bolts
15-Feb Cap-Haitien Groponyet   Afridev        19.74103 72.21158 2m Gasket,2 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,1 Rod,1 Small axe
15-Feb Cap-Haitien Citee Champin Afridev    19.73676 72.21742 4m Gasket,4 Bearings,1 Rod,2 Sentraliser
16-Feb Robillard EBAC                Mark II      19.61278 72.26897 3m 2 Raccor,2 Bolts,old chaine


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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