School Well fixed
School Well fixed
Major work done on pump
Major work done on pump
Village Well back in working order
Village Well back in working order
Repair team at work
Repair team at work
Children by newly repaired well
Children by newly repaired well
The People of Haiti thank
Hageman Family Foundation (Burlington, ON )
Marilyn Weeks (Medicine Hat, AB)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of February 2023 #3

A message from the community

Dear Donors:

With great delight, I extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who have come alongside our nation to support this important work to meet our water needs. Every time our team enters a village, people run to the truck to greet us and there is great joy. On behalf of all 24 villages whose well pumps have been repaired through this project, I write this note of thanks. 

Hanania Orelus, Lifewater Haiti Program Coordinator


Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date     District Village           Pump Type GPS N  GPS W  El   Parts Needed

16-Feb Robillard Gilleron           Afridev 19.61283 72.27199 4m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Sentraliser
16-Feb Robillard Grand Boukan Afridev 19.61592 72.27271 4m 1 Raccor,3 Rods,3 Sentraliser,2 Bearings,Gasket,1 Cyrle
16-Feb Grison-Garde Haut Eglise Afridev 19.61147 72.27935 4m Gasket
16-Feb Acul du Nord Maxime     Afridev 19.65287 72.30569 5m Gasket
16-Feb Acul du Nord St.Jacques Afridev 19.68009 72.31822 4m Gasket
22-Feb Grand Bassin Colonie II  Afridev 19.58626 71.93404 4m New Cylender,2 Axes,2 PVC,Gasket,4 Rods,4 Sentraliser,4                                                                                                    Bearings
22-Feb Grand Bassin Colonie I   Afridev 19.58489 71.93378 4m Gasket,4 Sentraliser,1 Big Axe,4 Bearings,1 Cyrle,2 Bolts
22-Feb Grand Bassin Colonie     Afridev 19.57856 71.93588 4m Gasket,1 Plonger,1 Bobing,1 Lock
22-Feb Terrier-Rouge Calvaire    Afridev 19.63386 71.95738 4m 6 Sentraliser,Gasket,4 Bearings
22-Feb Terrier-Rouge Langese    Afridev 19.64021 71.95737 2m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Lock,1 Rod,2 Sentraliser
22-Feb Terrier-Rouge Carfou Langlese Afridev 19.64098 71.95746 3m 4 Bearings,2 Sentraliser
23-Feb Balan Breus                   Afridev 19.71589 72.28322 3m Gasket
23-Feb Morne-Rouge Oswald Durand Afridev 19.70014 72.27655 3m Gasket
23-Feb Vaudreuil Nan Petet       Afridev 19.71866 72.25697 3m Gasket
23-Feb Balan Nemou                Afridev 19.71878 72.28582 3m 2 PVC,1 Raccor,Gasket,4 Sentraliser,4 Rods
24-Feb Acul du Nord Gaudin      Afridev 19.64895 72.30212 4m 2 PVC, 4 Raccors, 1 Rod, 2 Bolts
24-Feb Acul du Nord La Soudre  Afridev 19.66792 72.31831 3m 2 Sentralisers, 3 Raccors, Gasket
24-Feb Acul du Nord Centre Ville Afridev 19.68085 72.31964 4m Gasket, 1 foot valve
24-Feb Acul du Nord Eglise Evangelique Afridev 19.71136 72.33786 4m 1 plumger, 2 Bearings, 3 Sentralisers, 2 Bolts1                                                                                                                 Bobbin
24-Feb Acul du Nord Pillatre        Afridev 19.70965 72.33522 3m 4 Bearings, Gasket , 1 Rod
27-Feb Camp Louise Bas Berneau Afridev 19.72818 7,234,429 3m gasket, next repair Cylinder need to be replace
27-Feb Camp Louise Bazin           Afridev 19.72399 72.34281 3m 2 Bearings, 2 bobbin, 4 Rods centralisers
27-Feb Camp Louise Nan Bambou Afridev 19.72847 72.34641 3m Gasket, 4 Bearings, 1 Cylinder, 1 Bobbin
27-Feb Morne-Rouge Ruelle Gde Ville Afridev 19.71415 72.27461 3M 1 Rod, 7 sentralisers, 2 Bearings


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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