Happy Children at well
Happy Children at well
Pump repair on going
Pump repair on going
Celebrating the repaired pump
Celebrating the repaired pump
Pump Repair completed
Pump Repair completed
Safe water flowing once again
Safe water flowing once again
The People of Haiti thank
Hagamen Foundation (Burlington, ON)
1358461 Ontario Ltd. Trading Kam Yuen Canada (Markham, ON)
Chrysanthus Henry (Saskatoon, SK)
Susan Lawson (Canada)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of March 2023 #2

A message from the community

Dear Sir/Madame

We are very happy with the work that is being done because of the support that comes through Lifewater Canada. It is joyful for us as when we come into a village, everyone is happy.  Water is so important and when the pump goes down we all suffer from smallest to oldest.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who cares for our needs. 


Hanania Orelus

Program Coordinator

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date           Disrict      Village        Pump Type    GPS N     GPS W      El   Parts needed

2023-03-06 Vaudreuil  Pipo           Afridev         19.71776 72.24878 3m  2 Raccor, 3 Rods, 4 Bearings, 5 Sentraliser,1 PVC,                                                                                                              Gasket
2023-03-06 Vaudreuil   Max          Afridev         19.71742 72.24771 3m  Gasket
2023-03-06 Vaudreuil Moulin        Afridev          19.71548 72.25656 4m  7 PVC,7 Rods,7 Sentraliser
2023-03-07 Grizon-Garde Edoissin MarkII         19.62635 72.29038 4m   2 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod,Old Reservoir,4 Bolts
2023-03-07 Cap-Haitien Bastien du Savoir Afridev 19.73864 72.21332 3m Gasket
2023-03-07 Bois-Rouge Endedans Bois-Rouge Afridev 19.63711 72.27444 3m 1 PVC,1 Rod,3 Sentraliser,2 Bearings
2023-03-07 Grizon-Garde Do Grizon Afridev      19.61851 72.28901 3m Plonger,2 Bearings
2023-03-07 Grizon-Garde Orphelinat Afridev     19.62226 72.28964 3m 1 Raccor,2 Rods,4 Sentraliser,Gasket,1 Bobing
2023-03-08 Lorry Temple Adventiste MarkII     19.69573 72.22596 3m 2 Raccor,1 PVC,1 Rod,4 Bolts
2023-03-08 Lorry La suisse              MarkII     19.68757 72.23963 3m Old Chaine,2 Bolts,1 Raccor
2023-03-08 Plaine du Nord Chirron   Afridev     19.64179 72.24966 3m Gasket,1 Raccor,2 PVC,3 Rods,4 Sentraliser
2023-03-08 Robillard Ecole Nationale Afridev    19.63098 72.25618 3m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Big Axe,1 Flaper
2023-03-08 Lorry Segure                  Afridev    19.69953 72.22995 3m 2 Rods,2 Sentrliser,4 Bearings,2 Axes,1 Flaper
2023-03-09 Lagossette Lagossette     MarkII    19.67281 72.22093 3m 2 Raccor,2 Bolts,1 PVC
2023-03-10 Acul du Nord Borde-Mer  Afridev    19.70056 72.32025 3 Rods,4 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,Gasket
2023-03-10 Acul du Nord Sac-en-Ville Afridev   19.65676 72.23127 2m Gasket
2023-03-10 Haut-du Cap Lorry Afridev 19.69582 72.22912 3m 4 PVC,4 Rods,4 Sentraliser
2023-03-13 Morne-Rouge Morne-Anglais Afridev 19.70658 72.28698 2m Gasket,2 Bearings,3 Sentraliser
2023-03-13 Morne-Rouge Rock-Ville     Afridev 19.70687 72.27927 4m Gasket
2023-03-14 Acul du Nord Flaville         MarkII 19.65454 72.31007 3m 4 Raccor,2 PVC,2 Rods,old chaine,4 Bolts,old cover
2023-03-14 Acul du Nord Eglise Evangelique de Flaville Afridev 19.65034 72.31061 4m Gasket,1 Lock,2 Bearings,2                                                                                                                                                Sentraliser
2023-03-15 Bois de Lance Haut Gayar Afridev   19.61757 72.12379 4m 4 Rods,5 Sentraliser,4 Bearings,1 Bobing
2023-03-15 Bois de Lance Buclere       Afridev   19.63393 72.14122 3m Gasket

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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