Dark Forest Field community hand-pump
Dark Forest Field community hand-pump
Hand-pump repair is almost complete
Hand-pump repair is almost complete
Water is back!
Water is back!
Dark Forest Field village
Dark Forest Field village
The People of Liberia thank
Steve Coret (Surrey, BC )

For helping them repair their handpump in
Dark Forest Field Q5
Latitude: 5.880232 Longitude: -10.0343915
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A message from the community

It is a big blessing to have readily available clean water after months of struggling to acquire clean water. We say thank you to Lifewater Canada for the repair of our hand pump. May God bless you.

---Community Leaders 

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Children and adults in Dark Forest Field community struggled for months to have acquire safe water after the hand pump on their local well stopped working. They had to either walk long distances to the nearest wells, or buy water from expensive local vendors. But recently, Lifewater visited the community and repaired the broken hand pump. Thanks to our generous donors, the people of Dark Forest Field are happy to have safe and easily accessible water again.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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