Pump Repair ongoing
Pump Repair ongoing
Pump repair ongoing
Pump repair ongoing
Children by well
Children by well
Drawing water from repaired pump
Drawing water from repaired pump
Well repaired
Well repaired
The People of Haiti thank
John Armistead (London, ON)
Marilyn Dieterle (Medicine Hat, AB)
Peter Ryder (Canada)

For helping them repair dozens of broken pumps
during the month of May 2023 #3

A message from the community

Greetings from Haiti. I offer my thanks and sincere appreciation for the support that has come in so faithfully to allow our pump repair team to go out every day to work. Another 23 villages have safe water to drink because of your help. Thank you.

  --  Hanania Orelus, Program Manager

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Date    District          Town      Pump Type  GPS N    GPS W      El    Parts Used

12-May Acul du Nord Laplange      Afridev   19.65917 72.31381 3m Gasket,4 Bearings
12-May Acul du Nord Acul du nord Afridev   19.67676 72.31748 2m Gasket,2 Bearings
12-May Acul du Nord Lasoudre      Afridev   19.66572 72.31744 2m Gasket,2 Sentraliser
12-May Bois-Rouge   Monsuire      Afridev   19.63149 72.26985 4m Gasket
12-May Robillard       Larevoir       Afridev   19.62745 72.25829 4m 7 PVC,7 Rods,7 Sentraliser
12-May Plaine du Nord Grand Pre  Afridev   19.68344 72.26986 2m 4 Bearings,1 Flaper,1 lock,2 sentraliser
12-May Plaine du Nord Pelerin       Afridev   19.67921 72.26924 2m 2 PVC,1 Raccor,4 Bearings,3 Sentralier,Gasket
16-May Morne Rouge Zo Medar     Afridev   19.70525 72.26392 3m 5 PVC,5 Rods,5 Sentraliser
17-May Vaudreuil         Bambou    Afridev   19.72366 72.25965 3m 4 Sentraliser,Gasket
17-May Morne Rouge   Mangue     Afridev   19.71061 72.26753 3m Gasket,4 Bearings,1 Flaper,5 Sentraliser,4 Rods                                                                                                                  2 Bolts, 1 Bobing
17-May Acul du Nord St.Jacques   Afridev   19.68098 72.31613 3m Gasket,2 Bearings,2 Sentraliser,1 Lock
17-May Acul du Nord Cerc-en-Ville Afridev  19.69829 72.31388 2m 1 Raccor,4 Sentraliser,4 Rods,1 Flaper,Gasket,2 Bolts,                                                                                                           1 Cyrle

19-May Champ-Louise Bas du Fout Afridev 19.74762 72.34797 3m 3 Raccor,Gasket,4 Rods,1 Flaper,3 Sentraliser
19-May Acul du Nord Cagnette       Afridev 19.70725 72.33187 3m Gasket,2 Sentraliser, next time change cylender NB! 
22-May Vaudreuil      Diconmin      Afridev 19.71511 72.25696 3m 1 PVC,1 Raccor,4 Bearings,Gasket,5 Sentraliser
22-May Bois-Caiman Haut Bois-Caiman Afridev 19.71722 72.27001 5m Gasket,2 Sentraliser
22-May Plaine du Nord Galoire II   Afridev 19.66449 72.26981 2m Gasket ''Important next time change the cylender''.
23-May Grison-Garde Carfout Lachau Afridev 19.61661 72.28552 3m Gasket,2 Bearings,1 Sentraliser
23-May Grison-Garde Bas Cheneau   Afridev  19.61632 72.27735 3m Gasket
23-May Bois-Rouge Eglise Evangelique Bois-Rouge Afridev 19.63031 72.27218 2m 1 Raccor,1 PVC,2 Raccor,2 Rods,2 Bearings,1 Lock
23-May Grison-Garde Eglise Assemble de Dieu Afridev 19.63721 72.29067 3m 1 Raccor,1 PVC,2 Rods,2 Sentraliser, 2                                                                                                                               Bearings,1 Plonger
23-May Grison-Garde Haut Tremestre Afridev 19.62968 72.29443 3m Gasket,1 Sentraliser
23-May Grison-Garde Do Grison     Afridev     19.61852 72.28904 2m Gasket,4 Bearings; next time change the hand pump


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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