Foundation Laying
Foundation Laying
Our Building Team
Our Building Team
Overview of ongoing Toilet construction
Overview of ongoing Toilet construction
Newly Completed Toilet
Newly Completed Toilet
Work in Progress
Work in Progress
The People of EYN Church, Nigeria, thank
Anonymous Donor (Grand Prairie, AB )

For helping them build a community washroom
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A message from the community

I hereby write to appreciate Lifewater Canada and Lifewater Nigeria for their effort, love, and support.  

Thank you for building toilets for the church and community. We are so happy and grateful for this gift. God bless you all. 



-Church Elders 

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

I am a pastor named Rev. Jonathan Danladi, and I serve at Haske Baptist Church. Our church was facing a severe problem of lacking proper toilet facilities, which led to the issue of open defecation in the community. During the church service, members had to leave in the middle to relieve themselves, which caused a lot of disruption and unhygienic conditions. The situation was even worse as diseases like cholera began to spread, and we desperately needed facilities to tackle this health crisis that was threatening our congregation and the village. By the grace of God, we received a response from Lifewater, who came to our aid! When they constructed a new toilet for us, we were overjoyed and sang songs of praise! Thanks to the new facilities, we can now host dignified worship services without disruption or fear of disease. Our church and the wider community are both blessed with access to proper hygiene. Words cannot express the relief and joy we feel. Lifewater has given us the incredible gift of health and decency back to our community, and we can smile again thanks to their compassionate help. May endless blessings overflow upon Lifewater for their Christlike generosity to our struggling community! 

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






457 Heather Crescent
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5L1
+1 807-622-4848

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