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Dirty water sending schoolchildren to hospital

The water was so contaminated at a school in central Nigeria that during a single week recently, three children had to be hospitalized.

Most of the boys and girls getting sick at Christ Treasured School in Bako were from a nearby orphanage that was struggling to survive under the weight of the ailing children’s medical and hospital bills.

Lifewater Canada donors enabled our Nigerian team to drill a new well at the school – and to repair an existing well at the orphanage by replacing a broken pump.To helChrist Treasured School 1.jpg 192 KBp feed the children in its care, the orphanage has established a small farm. But the recently repaired well cannot provide enough water for both the children and the new agricultural operation.

A second well at the orphanage is needed.

“Water remains a problem,” says Hosea Apeh, leader of Lifewater’s well drilling and repair team in Nigeria. “I hope that someday, we can assist with water on the farm for the animals and irrigation.”

Meanwhile, experts say someone (usually a child) in the developing world is dying every 20 seconds from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water and inadequate sanitation. You can save lives by drilling new wells and repairing old ones through Lifewater Canada. Please donate today.

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