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Project # Type Finished Date Community Sponsor(s)
N24-L017 Community Washroom 2024-04-20 Bhoku Anonymous donor Steve Bell Concert
Anonymous donor
N24-L016 Community Washroom 2024-04-20 Domi United Way East Ontario
Anonymous donor
N24-L015 Community Washroom 2024-03-23 Wyella Daniel Creber
Anonymous donor
N24-L014 Community Washroom 2024-03-23 Kutili Daniel Creber
N24-L013 Community Washroom 2024-02-24 Gozoko Community Daniel Creber
N24-L012 Community Washroom 2024-02-24 Koyamuku Anonymous Donor
Mark O'Brien
N24-L011 Community Washroom 2024-01-24 EYN Church Anonymous Donor
N24-L010 Community Washroom 2024-01-24 Haske Baptist Church Janice and Clint Brooks
N24-L009 Community Washroom 2023-12-07 Angwah Pah Karen and Robert Fritzke via Fritzke Giving Fund
N24-L008 Community Washroom 2023-12-07 Garaku Bona and Klein Medicine Professional Corporation
Anonymous donors
N24-L007 Community Washroom 2023-11-23 Kamadi Community Michael Clark
N24-L006 Community Washroom 2023-11-22 Petti Village The Clint Brooks Family Foundation Calgary, AB
N24-L005 Community Washroom 2023-10-21 Noble Homes Widows Ministry The Clint Brooks Family Foundation
N24-L004 Community Washroom 2023-10-24 Junior Secondary School, Paikon Kore The Clint Brooks Family Foundation
N24-L003 Community Washroom 2023-09-20 Assemblies of God Church, Angwan Tofa The Clint Brooks Family Foundation
N24-L002 Community Washroom 2023-08-08 Evangelical Church Winning All Advicetap Digital Inc
Benevity Community Impact fund (Michael Mund, Mitch Shee, Lori McGee & othersdy,
N24-L001 Community Washroom 2023-05-25 ECWA III Ngah Loko Garaku Local Church Anonymous
N23-L019 Community Washroom 2023-06-15 ECWA Church No. 4, Hayi Gada Garaku Jeremy Little
Cicely & David McLachlan
N23-L018 Community Washroom 2023-06-15 Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ, Garaku Bethlehem CRC
Anonymous Donors
N23-L017 Community Washroom 2023-06-15 Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ, Tilla Anonymous donors
Anonymous donors
N23-L016 Community Washroom 2023-06-15 Assemblies of God Church, Gauta Anonymous donor
N23-L015 Community Washroom 2023-05-25 Church of The Brethren Jeremy Little
N23-L014 Community Washroom 2023-05-25 ECWA Church No.5 Angwan Matasa Garaku Ray Montgomery
Anonymous donors
N23-L013 Community Washroom 2023-05-01 First Baptist Church Garaku George Moody
Anoymous donors
N23-L012 Community Washroom 2023-04-16 Alipi Community Gwagwalada Carly Zelinsky
Mahyar Ajdari

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