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Project # Type Finished Date Community Sponsor(s)
KS23-L003 Community Washroom 2023-01-25 Ori Bwanda ECD Blossom Foundation
KS23-L002 Community Washroom 2022-10-12 Nazarene Nursery Blossom Foundation
KS23-L001 Community Washroom 2022-10-12 Alendu Primary School Blossom Foundation
KS22-L002 Community Washroom 2022-06-17 Stada Kenya Office Community Anonymous
Donna Verity
KS22-L001 Community Washroom 2022-06-17 Ogenya Primary School Benefaction Foundation
Daniel Creber
KT22-L001 Community Washroom 2022-01-28 Hyssop Ministries International Benefaction Foundation
Gaurav Sharma
K21-L004 Community Washroom 2021-06-14 KAG Judea Church Danton Heinen
K21-L003 Community Washroom 2021-06-18 Uthabita Academy Ray Montgomery
Aysha Mather
K21-L002 Community Washroom 2021-04-01 AIC Molo Town Ken & Sheila Otteson
K21-L001 Community Washroom 2021-03-05 Kikopey Old Age Home Many Anonymous Donors
K19-L001 Community Washroom 2018-07-09 A.I.C. Nakuru Academy Edward and Betty-Jean Richmond
Keith & Martha Richmond
K18-L002 Community Washroom St.Paul's Primary School Teachers washroom Jim Hauck
Daniel Creber
K18-L001 Community Washroom 2017-10-07 AIC Nakuruview Kristen Slade
Ray Montgomery
K17-L002 Community Washroom 2017-06-05 Muthiga Secondary School Daniel Creber
Kathy Andreola & James Mullin
K17-L001 Community Washroom 2016-08-05 Chesoton Primary School Ray Montgomery
Kevin Comrie
K16-L003 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Teachers at Kariaini Primary School Cecile Nganwa-Kela
Wendy & Robert Leech
K16-L002 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Girls at Kariaini Primary School Ray Montgomery
Maurice & Jacqueline Black
K16-L001 Community Washroom 2015-07-31 Boys at Kariaini Primary School Fellowship of Man
K14-L001 Community Washroom 2014-03-25 Kikopey Boy and Girl Nursery School Olaf & Rose Gundersen
The Fellowship of Man
K14-L003 Community Washroom 2014-03-25 Lifewater Samarita Staff Washroom Bill, Alison, Thomas & Mike Webster & Gehrels Clan
Nellie Ottevangers
K14-L002 Community Washroom 2014-01-28 Kikopey Old Folks Washroom Jeremiah and Claudia Eastman
Ray Montgomery
K12-L001 Community Washroom 2012-01-27 Samaritan Clinic Kikopey NW Ontario Water & Wastewater Association
K11-L001 Community Washroom 2010-11-28 Uhuru Secondary School The Blossom Foundation
K10-L004 Community Washroom 2010-07-19 Uhuru Primary School Martha Kouwenhoven
Peter & Mina Bartes
K10-L003 Community Washroom 2010-06-20 A.I.C. Nakuru Academy Teachers Jason Dumniak
James & Inez Collie

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